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Years ago few agencies would’ve been taken seriously for suggesting a client load a car with fireworks and set it alight. But in our world of social media spectacle, where only the most dopamine-inducing antics stand out, activations like this are now a necessary step on the path of meaningful engagement. Such hijinks can even return industry accolades, as we discovered at this year’s Digiday Media Awards Europe in London.

FIREstream, our record-breaking Bonfire Night campaign for Superdry, took home the award for Best Live Moment for engaging over 200,000 viewers. As a result, a dazzling neon gong for taking an imaginative and unconventional approach to Facebook LIVE now commands its own shelf in our design studio. But how did we do it?

To find out, we caught up with the award-winning team behind our biggest ever bang, including Superdry’s social media editor Emily Kinnersley, to uncover the secrets to a hugely successful LIVE stunt.

Jase Bloor, Creative Director – “It doesn’t have to take a huge chunk out of your budget.”
“So much energy went into the set design to make FIREstream visually engaging. It doesn’t have to take a huge chunk out of your budget, but it does take time to engineer a campaign of this scale. Another key metric is that the live stream needs to tell a story. Again, this doesn’t have to be complicated but this is the only way you’re going to keep your audience engaged for the duration of the stream, rather than just dipping in and out for the prizes. We did this by simply loading more and more fireworks into the car every few minutes, as well as having a progress bar along the bottom.”

Emily Kinnersley, Social Media Editor at Superdry – “We wanted to entertain and inspire.”
“The secret to an awesome LIVE moment is always impact and intrigue. We wanted to ensure our Facebook LIVE created as much impact as possible, in order to grab our audience’s attention and keep them interested until the end. To engage our ‘This Is The Jacket’ campaign’s target audience of 16 to 24-year-olds, we briefed Social Chain to create social-first content that enabled us to entertain and inspire our audiences as well as communicate the breadth of our product offering… and they achieved just that. If filling a car with fireworks isn’t reason enough to stop scrolling, we don’t know what is.”

Isaac Martin, Head of LIVE – “The idea was incredibly simple. The best live stunts are.”
“The beauty of this campaign was that it was incredibly simple; the best ones always are. With so much going on, there’s never room for a thousand moving parts and elements. That said, stunts like FIREstream come into their own through engagement mechanics, such as spot prizes and comment prompts. An understanding of what makes content social-first is also integral. That means editing in a square format and taking a design-led approach to picture how the stream will sit on Facebook.”

Jodie Horne, Videographer & Editor – “Being bold and taking risks is in Superdry’s DNA.”
“It’s easy to assume that blowing up a car on Facebook LIVE can work for any brand, but that’s not always the case. With FIREstream, we saw a natural fit that was in tune with Superdry’s ethos, values and reputation for irreverence. Being bold and taking risks is Superdry’s brand through and through. Building a visually stunning set, with barrels of fire, an old vintage Beetle and enabling multiple camera angles from different perspectives also added to the overall production quality.”

Jason Fisher, Director of Video – “The most important consideration is the audience.”
“The most important thing to consider in any LIVE is the audience and how they will interact with your content. A viewer has to have a reason to stay engaged. We took this philosophy to the next level with FIREstream. Not only could viewers win prizes for engaging, their engagement directly affected the rate at which the stream progressed. Viewers could see the impact they were having on the stream right in front of them, thus encouraging them to keep watching and creating a sense that they were responsible for driving the content. This paired with the anticipation and spectacle of blowing up the Beetle resulted in a successful LIVE that left viewers wanting more.”