A study conducted by Media Chain 


“Gaming the System” is a research study from Media Chain. It sets out to define who gamers truly are, looking into their lifestyle, their habits, their interests within gaming, their attitudes and usage of social media – and how brands can leverage this information to enhance their marketing. 


This piece of Media Chain research turns the stereotype of a gamer on its head – the data proves that “gamers” are a diverse audience who are more affluent and more social than previously understood. Gaming is more than entertainment, it is a sense of identity.


“’Gamers’ is a term too broad to accurately define such a large audience. As the gaming landscape grows increasingly complex, Media Chain wanted to explore gaming and social in 2019. Gaming the System sets out to define who gamers truly are.
The Media Chain team spoke to over 1,775 UK gamers from our communities in order to better understand their lifestyle, their buying habits, their interests within gaming and usage of social media.

Many thanks to our contributors including Tubular Labs, Dr Tom Brock and FNATIC.”

Tom Sweeney – Director of Gaming


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