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We don’t know about you, but we are utterly bored of the corporate sales pitch

The corporate sales pitch stalks marketing events, hides behind business cards and suffocates any opportunity for meaningful interaction. Many attempt to mask its mediocrity by offering it alongside branded pens and perishables but, beneath the facade of frivolous freebies, the corporate sales pitch remains stuffy, shallow and spent.

Heading into Marketing Week Live and YMS 2018 we had a revolutionary idea: what if, instead of selling ourselves short with these tired tactics, we used these two events as a chance to exhibit the value exchanges taking place on social media every day – literally. Because as soon as you add value to your audience’s lives, no matter how big or how small, that’s when meaningful conversation can begin.

Between the 7th – 8th and the 21st – 22nd of March, Twitter was abuzz with Bitcoin babble

Why? Because, on these dates, we realised the concept of social currency by giving away free shares in the world’s most talked out cryptocurrency, all for the price of a tweet – proving that great social marketing really does enrich people’s lives.

The activation was simple: attendees were invited to play our game Share for a Share on an authentic arcade claw machine which, despite widespread speculation, we didn’t nick from Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Winners then received a card on which instructions took them to Twitter where they announced their win, capitalising on the conversation already surrounding both events by including the official hashtags: #MWLive and #YMS18.

Over 200 tweets from Marketing Week Live made @TheSocialChain the most mentioned exhibitor there (second only to the event organisers themselves) and thanks to an influx of jubilant winners who continued to tweet us even after the event, The Social Chain at Marketing Week Live took up a huge amount of conversation on Twitter over the course of the entire week. Similarly, YMS 18 saw The Social Chain and Bitcoin become two of the most talked about topics on Twitter and, combined with the results from Marketing Week Live, tweets about our stunt amassed over 1.8 million impressions.

“Social Chain is the person at the party who gets up and dances on the table in the middle of a crowded room.” – Steven Bartlett, Social Chain CEO

Emotion is at the epicentre of every inspired marketing activation; this is our one rule to live by when it comes to the work we do for our clients including Superdry, Simply Be, Boohoo and Thomas Cook. So why wouldn’t we extend ourselves the same courtesy? Rather than settle for the boredom, awkwardness and indifference that follows a pompous proposal, we strived for the same excitement, anticipation and intrigue we generate for our clients, using Bitcoin as the initial pull.

But what does Bitcoin have to do with making people feel? Everything. Tweets about us displayed a sentiment score of 88% joy. Participants were thrilled to relive a childish nostalgia through a gamified experience, receiving instant gratification through a guaranteed win and, most of all, they escaped the dreaded corporate sales pitch. Instead, visitors opted to have a chat, succumbing to an instinctive curiosity to find out what all the fuss was about.