You can’t filter the damage of influencer fraud. The influencer marketing industry is now worth billions, but estimates show up to 25%* of influencers have paid for fake followers from illegal bot farms.

Influencer marketing is incredibly powerful. It’s as simple as someone with influence, telling their audience that they trust you, they like you, and you're part of their life. Despite its effectiveness, the industry is under severe scrutiny. Everything in the social world can be faked, which means brands are being exploited. Beyond influencers, fraudulent social tactics are being deployed by celebrities, organisations and even global brands.


Thankfully, there are software solutions that highlight anomalies of an audience size. However this is not enough, we now recognise that the ‘follower size’ is not a relevant factor in identifying the right influencer for your brand. So what is the answer? – the ‘engagement rate’ is the only platform measure that helps determine if an influencer holds ‘real’ influence, but there are no software solutions which track this... Well... that was until Social Chain created one, Like-Wise.


Steven Bartlett, CEO: „We’ve spent the last six months building a tool that allows you to see past bought likes, views and comments, giving you an influencer's ‘TRUE ENGAGEMENT‘. The results we saw after scanning 10,000 influencers gave me goosebumps.“


So how do you know who’s telling the truth?

Social Chain’s new tool Like-Wise puts influencer fraud in plain sight, to help brands spot fake followers and allocate ad spend with confidence.


Don’t make their innocence an excuse for illegality, sign up here to join us in cleaning up our industry.


[* Figure representative of 10,000 well-known influencers, whose follower activity was scanned using Like-Wise]